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Default moving freebsd install to new drive

Hello, ok i may need to move my freebsd server to larger disk/raid array.

It is currently sitting on raid5 via adaptec controller on poweredge 1650, i have read couple of guides but these are related to single drives systems where i can add another drive can be added, the copy done with ufsdump/ufrestore.

Although i am new to FreeBSD and use it on my server,, my desktop id Gentoo and if need to move system to larger or new drives i use either clonezilla or a stage4 script found here:

Clonezilla is good and will resize a file system on restore but i only want one partition/slice bigger as happy with rest.

That said don't believe it supports UFS

The stage4 script is specifically for gentoo and can backup live system to tar, it removes cruft such as portage/dist files and has option to include exclude dirs.

Using gentoo install cd, you just recreate partitions and untar the stage4 tar as you would standard stage3, install grub and you back online.

I use it a lot to create base installs for quick deployment.

Question is, is there some similar for FreeBSD that would allow backup of live system and quick restore to new system or drives?

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