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Default Thank You

Yet again ocicat you answer me when no one else does.

This adds to your balance 1 more point, Thank you for replying my post.

Will, this would be the case of the whole world now, being a Certificate Holder + a Diploma or with out it helps getting a job like 60% if it's not 40%...the rest is divided between good luck and good circumstances and good reputation.

Certificates "Except for the performance-based certifications" are nothing but a paper that can not a sure that you can do what you are required to do, it was supposed to be ....but that's where we stand now!

so, what I think is ..... doing exams is not really needed unless some company needs the info to be but in your file!

2nd I think that every executive should but the employee under test to check if he is gonna do the job or not.

3rd Do not Stop learning

4th that's it for now
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