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Originally Posted by There0 View Post
Been running Openbsd on this laptop for about 6 months (upgraded to 4GB OcZ RAM and to 60GB OCZ SSD) now, only problem i had was that i had to disable acpitz in the kernel, i use apmd -A just great on amd64 build.
The 4.5 release will have several ACPI related changes, hopefully that won't be required.

Originally Posted by There0 View Post
My fingerscanner is supported but i havent found any software to manage it yet (suggestions plz).
All USB devices are supported... ugen(4) will always attach if no other driver claims the device, ugen(4) being the USB generic device, programs utilizing devel/libusb are essentially substitute drivers.

See, manual porting is required though..
Originally Posted by There0 View Post
Also can't seem to get the OS to see more than 3GB of ram.
This is a common compliant, OpenBSD doesn't support PXE.

Just imagine the x86 has a 32-bit address space.. physical and virtual..

2^32 is 4294967296 bytes, or 4GB.

If you install 4GB of memory you expect to have 4GB detected, unfortunately.. memory isn't the only thing that's mapped into physical address space, legacy I/O.. PCI devices.. AGP aperture.. all these things have priority over the real estate.

In reality, the modern x86 computers has a much larger physical address space.. 36-bit.. 48-bit.. but in the end the architecture is still fundamentally 32-bit, 32-bit register sizes.. 32-bit immediate operands.. etc.. So when you install 4GB of memory only a portion of that is mapped below 32-bit physical, the remainder is mapped above that.

Understanding the architecture you decide to use will make the experience much grater in the long run, I won't go into the details of paging or PXE.. but the overall point I'm trying to make is that OpenBSD properly detects what the BIOS has indicated available.
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