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I too do NOT usually compile anything, most of my requirements (security and userland) are met by binary packages, while you could call me a liar for recently patching and recompiling my kernel(s) (need an i386 sp and mp kernel patched). I usually do all my testing in a virtual machine, even my compiling, it makes me feel safer from me

I have a small shell script, that calls other shell scripts that peels out my configs and some user settings (log files too on firewall). I like J65nko prefer multiple hard disks, they ARE very inexpensive and are good to have handy, I do also make triplicate backups of all my important files.

1) Is it worth the migrating the OpenBSD system to the NIC ie. do I gain anything over Arch Linux and if so what? How important is the gain?
I have used Trustix and Engarde Linux's in the past (currently only use Backtrack and KUbuntu liveboot), i find OpenBSD MUCH more stable, robust and secure, and the developers have made it a dream to work with. I have been using OpenBSD since 2.6 and am SOOOOOO glad i have, it has been a very pleasing experience, the community is great too.

2) What are the chances that current will break irrevocably if I "pkg_add -F update -u" periodically? I'm willing to back up my home directory before updates. How often do current users have to rebuild xenocara, kernel and userland?
Honestly i have never rebuild xenocara, the odd userland application and rebuild the kernel ONLY when im patching (this too is rare, you can patch up to date and rebuild quickly, then just reboot from new kernel).I have broken my install by my own stupidity by wrong syntax's (in the wrong directory) or simple typos in conf files (usually fixable). I try to keep current with releases every 6 months or so, as long as i'm patched up, i fear not missing one.

I actually had a booboo earlier this evening, the livecd that jggimi produces saved me quite a headache when i had to recover 1 tarred up file (full of configs and user settings) from a blown out install. I could have saved the install but opted to instead reinstall on one of my laptops, i had all the required configs and setting files needed.
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