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Over time, they're converging. That said, though,
  • opensolaris, as expressed in Project Indiana and released Monday as opensolaris 2008.05, is to be DESKTOP centric that just happens to have a server-grade kernel, stack, and kick-butt file system; and
  • solaris, also cost fee, remaining (foreseeably) a SERVER and HOST centric platform for Sun's big-ticket commercial wares.
The code base is converging, where...
  • The best stuff of [classic] solaris was out ported to opensolaris (e.g. SMP kernel, virtualization, ZFS, etc);
  • The good (and familiar) stuff from the open source community embraced (e.g., gnome, cups, etc.) in opensolaris; and
  • The best of embraced open source community stuff converged back.

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