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Originally Posted by tetra_user View Post
...the lazy net admins ask for a Firewall GUI and that is a drawback for my consultancy.
I write and execute dozens of IT service contracts every year, as both recipient and provider of services. However, I am not an attorney, so the following does not constitute legal advice.
If your solution includes a third party tool that either causes damage or permits damage to be caused, your business may be held liable for that damage. Neither you nor your customers will be able to claim compensation from the tool maker, both because your customers have no chain of privity with the third party you selected, and because you will have only a free software product's license (commonly either a GPL or BSD/ISC license) that will normally expressly exclude any warranty or claim of fitness for any purpose.

Before deciding to meet the demand of your customers' lazy net admins, I recommend you review the terms and conditions of your service contract(s) to determine your company's liability and to seek the advice of counsel should clarification be needed.

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