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Default Plan 9 network configuration

I am running Plan 9 From Bell Labs inside Virtualbox 4.3.20 r96996. It installed successfully and I've used acme to edit /lib/ndb/local to append my local network settings
ipnet= ipmask= ip=
But I'm unable to ping I've read the Network Configuration page for Plan 9 but I must be missing something. I login as user "glenda" and am using rio as the window manager.

Okay, I just rebooted and the network wasn't working so I ran
% ip/ipconfig -g ether /net/ether0
% ndb/dns -r
And get
% ip/ping
sending 32 64 byte messages 1000 ms apart to icmp!!1
0: rtt 39824 us, avg rtt 39824 us, ttl = 254
1: rtt 45950 us, avg rtt 42887 us, ttl = 254
2: rtt 40231 us, avg rtt 42001 us, ttl = 254
Now if I want to update using
% pull
% 9fs sources
Both give me
srv: dial tcp!!9fs: cs: can't translate service
bind: /n/sources/plan9: '/n/sources/plan9' does not exist
servermount: bind 249: bind

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