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Originally Posted by shep View Post
I believe that the KDE changes described here will have significant implications
for BSD users. Essentially, Slackware build scripts share similarities with the ports system although they lack dependency checking and automagic source code retrieval.
I don't think breaking up the tarballs is as big of a problem for FreeBSD as it is made out to be. Breaking down the tarballs means now you only have to download the components you want. This is what KDEmod for Arch Linux did for many years, allowing fine control over what KDE components you used (Chakra project is now focused on creating a newbie-friendly OS though, and KDEmod is little different from pure KDE anymore).

udev/upower requirements OTOH are something to contend with. IMO, it's time for PC-BSD to step up to the plate and provide the's their back up against the wall. They're certainly big enough to do it.
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