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bcdedit is truly a cryptic and difficult command-line tool, some time ago I needed to copy a Vista boot entry and add some debug flags -- I could not get the job done with bcdedit.
I had to resort to a GUI tool, EasyBCD

As a slightly related note, I noticed that the FreeBSD bootloader can boot Vista, I used the bootloader from CURRENT, not sure if the one from 6/7 is ``Vista Ready''.

To truly run bcdedit with Administrator credentials requires cmd.exe also be explicitly run with Administrator credentials. Right click on the Command Prompt icon (Start | All Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt), or open the Start window and type cmd. When the search facility shows the application's icon, right click it and select Run as administrator from the local menu.
Going to the run box (The `search' box in the start menu doubles as the run dialog) and pressing CTRL/ALT/ENTER will accomplish the same effect.
Note that does not work with Win+R, do'h!
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