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You can find a lot of answers on the Oracle website, i.e. with the Solaris 11 FAQ's pdf :

Example :
Can I use Oracle Solaris 11.1 without a support contract?

Oracle Solaris 11 can be downloaded from the Oracle
Technical Network under the terms of the Oracle Technology
Network Developer Licensing Terms for Oracle Solaris which
grants a perpetual license for the purposes of developing,
testing, prototyping and demonstrating applications on Oracle
Solaris 11. Oracle Solaris 11.1 can also be downloaded from
Oracle Software Delivery Cloud under the terms of the Oracle
Software Delivery Cloud Trial License Agreement that permits
a 30-day evaluation use only license for Oracle Solaris
. In both
the above cases, neither license permits for production use.
Customers will not receive updates to the operating system
unless they purchase a support agreement from Oracle
So, could be a solution, if you pay

But any BSD solution can become a good home OS.
I use OpenBSD to work, but it's also a good home OS, and it just works.

Edit : You can try OpenIndiana, derived from OpenSolaris.
It's free, use CDDL, MIT & BSD license, have a ZFS system, etc...
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