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Originally Posted by DaBSD View Post
Does it make sense to use Oracle Solaris as a home OS?
Originally Posted by DaBSD View Post
And how good is it in general terms compared to Linux and *BSD?
Originally Posted by DaBSD View Post
The same question goes about possibly any other commercial UNIX systems in case they allow free distribution.
Douglas Comer once wrote that:
"An operating system is designed to hide low-level hardware details and to create an abstract machine that provides applications with high-level services."[1]

On these page, You will find basic list of specifications that relate to Oracle Solaris OS.

DaBSD - LeFrettchen Who was also referring to your post;
concluded that I use OpenBSD to work, but it's also a good home OS, and it just works.

Ваше Величество Oko - suggested few options for "Solaris-like" and DragonFly systems including advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Vermaden, noted educational purpose - that cope with Oracle Solaris.

So. DaBSD; If you want to get particular answer to your trouble, you should provide basic information about your computer hardware, along with the information of how You understand the the concept of Home OS?


[1]D. Comer, Operating System Design - The Xinu Approach, Linksys Version, CRC Press 2011, p. 2
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