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There are few people with genuine knowledge of Solaris lurking on this forum.
I am one of those few with knowledge of Solaris and have used Solaris 8/9/10 in my work for Fortune 200 companies and the DoD.

OpenIndiana isn't dead, there are just a few developers who work on it, so any progress is slow (think of a turtle in a marathon). If you want to use the open source OpenSolaris kernel, then you can use OmniOS which is for a server, or SmartOS which is a hypervisor. Solaris 11 from Oracle won't allow you to get any updates, but you could run it if you choose to.

I run a few websites and have them running on SmartOS with each domain in its own zone. I run a mail server for each domain too, and that is using OpenSMTPD on OpenBSD in KVM on SmartOS.
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