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Originally Posted by DaBSD View Post
Thank you everyone for your replies! Sorry for my belated reaction.

Yes, I do know about all those gratis OSes, no need to suggest the likes of OpenBSD as I was strictly interested in commercial UNIXes. In fact, my first UNIX systems were HP and SunOS in my university network, I used to connect to them through a terminal program from within Windows. But that was ages ago, in the very beginning of this millennium. As I haven't dealt with them since those days, I just started wondering how they are doing today.
They are not doing very well. They are all but dead. You will have to point a gun into Oracle sales people to give you any information about Solaris. They are recommending their own version of RedHat. IBM has some sales of AIX on its PPC architecture but they also have Linux and bunch of other proprietary OSs. Last time I saw HP Unix was in some hospital. Irix is of course dead like SGI but XFS continues to leave on as a default file system of RedHat 7.0.
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