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Originally Posted by sw2wolf View Post
Mybe RDP is relative to VBox.
This will be my final attempt to explain a "console" to you.

On PC hardware, a console consists of 3 components.
  1. a graphical display
  2. a keyboard
  3. an optional mouse.
Since the IBM PC was first released in 1981, the connection types and capabilities have changed, but these three peripheral devices remain in place.
keyboard - [Standard PC] - graphical display 
Question: How many peripheral devices make up a "console" on a standard PC?

Answer: Two or three. A graphical display, a keyboard, and an optional mouse.

Question: How many of these peripheral devices are connected via my network interface?

Answer: Zero. None of these devices connect to a standard PC via a network.

Question: How do I use these devices over my network?

Answer: With software. You need software that transmits graphical information over the network, and you need software that transmits keystrokes and mouse movements over the network.

Question: Where do I put that software?

Answer: In two places. You need software at both ends of the network connection. 1) Software on the remote workstation that displays graphics and transmits keystrokes and mouse movements. 2) Software on the platform that is to be operated remotely, that will capture and transmit graphics and that will accept and apply keystrokes and mouse movements.

Question: What software does this?

Answer: The X Windows system. The platform-independent Virtual Network Computing ("VNC") protocol. Microsoft's proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol ("RDP"), and dozens of other proprietary software solutions. All require software at both ends of the network connection to manage the information flow.

Question: I want to use Microsoft's RDP for a remote conection. What do I need?

Answer: You need an RDP client, such as Microsoft's Terminal Services Client, mstsc.exe. And you need an RDP server, too, such as Microsoft's Terminal Services Server. Or VirtualBox, as noted much earlier in this thread. VirtualBox states that they have an RDP server solution to manage virtual machine consoles remotely.

Question: I have misconfigured my Windows and VirtualBox environment, such that I cannot get RDP working between the RDP client, mstsc.exe, and the VirtualBox RDP server. Who or what should should I blame for this?

Answer: Blame OpenBSD!
Then i tried samba.
This is a different problem, so you should start a new thread. The admins prefer new threads for new problems. In my opinion, there is insufficient information in this report for anyone to help you with this new problem.

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