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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
My apologies for offending you.
None taken. An interesting and relevant topic is unfolding, it's certainly worth discussing.

I suspect it's not unusual at all for console cowboys to go a little whack-a-mole crazy from time to time. This is probably due to the character of the technology. The desire for control in designing, building and using complex systems and the need for order as the complexity of the system increases, are both probably necessary for any significant success. But this isn't mathematics with idealized abstractions that are universally true and eternally perfect. [Computer] networks and software are messy evolving systems with an almost organic character. There will be parasites and predators filling the niches and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. That's a characteristic of the technology. If dealing with that becomes overwhelming then it's time to take a break and maybe move out into the country and build clocks or go to a university and meditate serenely on mathematical perfections. However, it's very important not to let these mad buggers dictate social policy and try to force evolutionary processes into their small clock-work notions of order.
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