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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
Which x86 processor do you think is best currently - Intel, AMD, VIA? Any particular series or model?
AMD CPU are great and very well designed, but not for notebooks. For notebooks use Intel t8xxx(3M L2 cache) / t9xxx(6M L2 cache) / p7xxx(3M L2 cache) / p8xxx(3M L2 cache). They are all at 45nm so they use less power, especially at idle, but if you get cheap laptop woth t7xxx series then take it.

If you want battery life (and open source drivers for all OS there), then also get X3100 Intel GMA, if you want horsepower, then get some nVidia or Mobile Radeon.

If you do not like widescreen, then you should be able to get a T60/T61 or R60/R60 Thinkpad with non widescreen, but IMHO widescreen is a lot more comfortable (16:10), especially if you add a big resolution to it 1440x900(14") or 1680x1050(15") / 1920x1080(15").

If ou want good laptop, then go for Dell or IBM/Lenovo I would not look at others.

From Dell get D630(14") (I have one and would not change it for anything) or D830(15").

My exact specs are
Dell D630
Intel T7300
Intel X3100 GMA
2 x 1GB RAM
1440x900(14") anti glare
8+ hours of battery life with 9-cell + 6-cell MultiBay (or ModularBay)

It runs these OSes without any problems with hardware accelration for 3D:
Mac OS X
... even Xen has drivers for X3100
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