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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
About these Dell desktops you run, what OS they were running, a Dell preinstalled Windows?
The first time I used a Dell, it was one I bought for my grandmother. She just needed internet/email and her Hoyle games - so I bought a relatively low-end Dell (I don't think I went as low as a Celeron, but I can't remember). When it came, it was soooo slooooow. I tried to lose some of the excess baggage, but it still was slow. When it booted up, you could go for coffee, catch a matinee, and still make it home in time to see everything finish up.

At my work, it is a Dell environment (at least the workstations). We have numerous labs and offices with various Dell setups. They are all slow (even the suped up multimedia lab machines). They all run XP. Usually, they perform adequately, but any sort of load chokes it down instantly. The worse is when you go to a machine you haven't been on before - it goes to create your user profile on the machine (all this via zenworks). This process of all the settings takes a good 5-10 minutes to complete.
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