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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
When it came, it was soooo slooooow. I tried to lose some of the excess baggage, but it still was slow. When it booted up, you could go for coffee, catch a matinee, and still make it home in time to see everything finish up.
That depends only on the hardware that it had, not on the brand, it could be named IBM, Dell or even Ferrari, but its only about hardware.

The other case is bloated preinstalled Windows with many apps started by default, but that can be very easy fixed with reinstall, as always with Windows.

Also as you use Windows it slows down because of all shit being installed and added, DLLs services and so.

The only workable sollution for that is using this trio:
GoBack (or similar)
Sandboxie (does most work)
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