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you are not required for a certain amount of hours, and you are not required to be present at any certain time of the day. We also do deem quality of quantity, so if you can make tons of progress within an hour, then that'd be all you'd need to put in.
You really ought to revise your language. Maybe I'm just crotchety, but if I were to be interested in such a position (and I'm not) this sort of thing would be extremely off-putting.

I've hired a number of unpaid interns, but they always received a grade for their internship through their school. The only thing I've asked is that they complete something (usually a port) in the term and document it. They could come in or work from home. They could work a lot or a little. It was their project, as long as they met the goal.

They usually have chosen to come in for a while to get to know me and the system; thereafter they have done their own thing except when they needed guidance.

You have told us what you want. Why would someone want to do this? What is in it for them?
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