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Question My lan is growing, how do I secure it?

I was ok for a long time on my small wired lan I use for my home and home office. Then my wife needed a Windows box and we had to go wireless. I have been concerned because of how bad Windows security track record is on every conceivable exploit and I want to figure out a way to lock down my lan which anyway is growing and also my desires for how I use my systems is changing.

I have a DSL router and all of my lan is cabled to it except for the Windows box that uses wireless. Is there any way I can make a padded cell around either my lan or the Windows box just using my router or do I need to start thinking about setting up an openbsd firewall box?

I have crappy rural home internet service with dynamic ipv4 and no external services. In the future I would like to support ssh and maybe a web server or two.

Thanks guys!
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