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Well, going back to your earlier post, about being ignored, reminds me of the old saying, You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think--errm, no, that's not right, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink, whatever. Or, like Marcus Aurelius wrote, in 167 AD, If you've done a good deed, isn't that reward enough? Why are you expecting gratitude as well.

It happens all the time. Think of the old cartoon, a woman asking her husband why he's still up--he's typing away frantically, saying, "Someone got something wrong on the Internet." I try to give newcomer friendly answers and put up pages when it seems a good idea.

For example, I've become, through necessity, somewhat of an expert on the Atheros AR5007EG card in Linux. I've seen people post about their 5006 card, just put a link to my page, watched the thread go on as they can't install ndiswrapper, and then, 10 posts later, realize it's an AR5007EG, as I'd mentioned, but just don't worry about it. I don't get upset. Maybe it's age.

As was said, Ubuntu's a bad choice, as it attracts so many who are just bored or fed up with Windows, even in the server section. My admiration goes to the experienced on those forums who keep their patiences with the newcomers. They have one way of thinking, and that includes GUIs on servers.

You'd probably get more appreciation on the Fedora forums (as well as people who will ignore it or snidely say, Yes, but I want a GUI.) Personally, as I think I said somewhere in this thread, I really don't understand why RH makes their distribution so gnome-centric.

As for defending your use of Linux and VMware, as you say, it's mission critical, and you're not doing yourself or your customers a favor trying something that you don't know as well. As my work these days is CentOS centric, I'm actually planning to move my server stuff from my aging BSD box to a CentOS box, but am trying to figure out the closest thing to a jail. I'll probably wind up going with Vserver. (It's the same idea, it's not complete virtualization in the sense of VMware or VirtualBox, more of a super chroot.)

So, I wouldn't even waste time worrying about those who ignore your pearls of wisdom. There are more important things to worry about, such as your customers and paying the rent.

It's nice to be appreciated, but, especially with Ubuntu, it's a different sort of mndset. It doesn't even mean they are wrong. I suspect that those who ignore you aren't working with real production machines, or the first part of their post would have consisted of explanations as to why they want X on a server, since it usually isn't considered best practice.
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