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Originally Posted by windependence View Post
I am using BSD for enterprise, mission critical applications, not serving torrents. This is where the Linux community seems to have a problem - where to draw the line between playing and serious computing.
Tim, I think, it depends on the community we are looking at. Generalizing doesn't serve us well in this case. As others have pointed out above - Ubuntu is targeted at the Desktop-User, not the professional Server-Admin. These are very different communities with very different aims. To put it in a comparable picture: It's like discussing a Formula One problem in a Ford forum. Yes, Ford builds cars (some even may be fast ones) - but they're totaly different from a Formula One car.
"The" Linux community handles server-questions as good or bad as "the" xBSD community. You will find beginners with a small handmade homeserver for holiday-pictures or -films and you will find professionals who have to run the servers of a company. And the latter ones, I guess, would prefer specialized OS's, like Red Hat Enterprise, SuSe Enterprise or Solaris. With these operating systems you buy professional support, liability and warranty. And you won't need to discuss a problem in a forum with 16 years old kids, who feel geeky about running their small homeservers with a fancy non-windos OS.

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