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Originally Posted by windependence View Post
While I understand what you are saying, you may not know that Ubuntu makes a server distribution, that comes WITHOUT a GUI. Here is what Canonical says on the front page of their Server Edition web page:

Now that sure doesn't sound like a home server to me. The section of the forums I was on was the SERVER edition forum. Wouldn't you think all that home user stuff would be somewhere else? This was the point I was making. I am actually running their server edition in one of my client's offices. So far I like it very much precisely because it doesn't come woth all the junk, so your statement about Ubuntu being geared towards home users is not true in the case of the server edition and this is what I am talking about.

Ok, Tim, you're right - I didn't knew this! It makes your argument much more plausible and I understand your point. I've checked the ubuntu-website and have to admit - I didn't knew they have a professional server edition with support and so on. In this case I can only say, that I don't know, why a professional admin should want a GUI for his work. But that should be the decision of those who work with it. Maybe they have to pay a high price for it, maybe not.
My main point was and is, that it doesn't depend on the system you are using, but on your training and professionalism - maybe it's even a question of apprenticeship? But I don't think it's a question of using Linux or xBSD (or even M$ or Solaris).
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