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I suspect--though of course, I don't know--that probably, some of the folks in that Ubuntu server section are again, kids who just want to do something different--wow, server, that's even cooler.
This isn't a putdown of the Ubuntu community--as I said in my first post on this thread, I think we owe them gratitude for their numbers and enthusiasm, which almost certainly begin to make hardware and software manufacturers think a little more about opensource support.

You'll note how busy the Ubuntu forums are. Using CentOS as contrast, as it's really more, despite the GUI aspects, more of a server O/S, there's a lot less traffic and most of the questions are either intelligent ones or ignored.

Conversely, on Ubuntu forums, I once got into a discussion of samurai vs. ninja and who would win. (The probable answer is that if one studies Japanese history, the lines were far more blurred than they are in video games and movies, so there's no real answer.)
One doesn't often, if ever, find such discussion on CentOS forums--people are too busy and are using it for production.
There's probably no such discussion on Debian mailing lists either--they're too serious--the CentOS people have a sense of humor, but are busy.
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