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Originally Posted by s0xxx View Post
FreeBSD based live CDs

OpenBSD based live Cds

NetBSD based live CDs

I hope I haven't left any out...this is from my list of (almost) all BSD, or BSD-based, operating sistems (sorry only in Serbian):
Yes, you did. I guess that vocation you took was little bit too long. We were
updating documentation in the mean time

This is the summery of what you left out.

OpenBSD based live CDs active project



I am not listing dead one because there are too many of them

FreeBSD based live CDs which you omitted:



I am not listing dead one again. People who are curious about all FreeBSD and OpenBSD distros can find the most comprehensive documentation on BSD Serbija server. To my knowledge there are in total 41 FreeBSD based distros 23 of which are dead. There are also 19 based OpenBSD out of which only six are active. Everything is of course documented in Serbian

I am not familiar at all with NetBSD as you know so I would not know much about NetBSD distros. The same goes
for DragonFly BSD.

If owners of this server are interested we could maintain the complete list of *BSD based distros something like
Distro Watch for Linux. In English of course.

I would also like to express my personal gratitude to soXXX who actually started whole project at BSD Serbija

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