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I built up another jail (bug2), added some basic tools that I like (bash, nano, rsync), and then added just apache22. What do you know, it worked!

I tried yet another jail (bug3) in an attempt to replicated my original steps in the non-working jail (bug). I added my basic tools, then bugzilla, then mysql51-server, then apache22. It just worked. Hmmmmmm.

bug2 and bug3 were definitely built with a fresh RELENG_7_1 on a host that is definitely also RELENG_7_1. bug was built with a different copy of RELENG_7_1 although I have limited experience with csup so it may have in fact been older. The host was definitely older than RELENG_7_1 at the time.

So I guess I have things going now, and I am inclined to write off the original non-working apache jail as something I screwed up due to mismatched versions.

I apologize for the wild goose chase, but the advice on this forum pushed me in the right direction. Thanks!


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