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> mount_udf /dev/cd0c /cdrom
mount_udf: mount: Invalid argument

> mount_udf /dev/cd0a /cdrom
mount_udf: mount: Device not configured
Also, booting via the DVD isn't working either. There are a few ways to go about it, and they are all failing.

1. Holding down "Option" on boot.
This brings me to a screen which shows me a "Install DVD", which when I click, the CD drive starts churning and then dies down to a low hum. The screen just sits there with a big Apple logo on it :/

2. Holding down "Option + Command + Shift + Delete".
This starts spinning up the CD drive, then ends up going right back into OpenBSD.

3. Holding down the "C" key.
This also starts spinning up the CD drive, then ends up going right back into OpenBSD as well.

After searching around through all my disks, I found another install DVD, this one being the "Snow Leopard" install disk.

> disklabel cd0
16 partitions:
#            size     offset     fstype
   a:   3794608         0      ISO9660
   c:   3794608         0       ISO9660     # /cdrom

> mount_cd9660 /dev/cd0c /cdrom

> ls /cdrom
Boot Camp  DVDCDSharing  Read Me.rtf  autorun.inf  setup.exe

So it seems like it is indeed ISO9660, but ocicat is probably right when he brings up the fact that these are commercial install disks which probably come with commercial caveats of some sort.

Well... close but no cigar... albeit, educational! I need to do two things:

1. Find a way to get OSX back on this machine using a different method.
2. Find a laptop that comes packed with open hardware and drivers.

Any suggestions welcome again. Thanks to the both of you for your help thus far.
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