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Also in file systems, I'd like to see hammer (or hammer2 when it's finished) ported to all the other BSDs (and Linux, the Hurd, or anything else I might one day try).

I just started using DragonFly on my laptop, because I can't get OpenBSD to run on it (it freezes early in boot around the time it tries to recognize the second CPU -- both amd64 and i386 on 5.1 -- some kind of asus laptop with a Core Duo -- if anyone's interested I can post more precise info later, perhaps). Hammer seems like the most interesting feature, at least that I've noticed. I love the snapshotting feature. Next I'd probably want to try mirroring to a slave system if I had another computer running DragonFly. If all BSDs ran Hammer, perhaps I could mirror files between them.

I keep meaning to (without telling anyone, at least not using my real name, else someone might expect me to be up to the task or to finish it) play at getting Wine working on OpenBSD (or DragonFly amd64? someone's started getting it at least compiling on i386 already) too. So I don't want anyone else to do it first, but I would like it if OpenBSD devs decided running programs compiled for i386 should run on amd64 system after all. I think I would want that to do the Wine port (Win32 is interesting to me, not Win64 at this point). Not a huge deal though. I should just run an i386 install instead.

The last thing is, now that disks are getting pretty big, I'd like the various BSD pkg systems to dump all dist source code under /usr/local/src (or /usr/pkg/src) and to use CFLAGS+=-g and not strip debugging symbols on install. Along with that, I'd like it if the pkg/ports systems would have features that make it easy to maintain your own modifications under ../src and use your tree version in preference to the dist tarball when building a port from source if the versions match (if your changes were substantial enough to require a change in the PLIST, then I guess it would be up to you to change to your own custom port, but most changes I'd envision doing wouldn't make that necessary).

Finally, though I'd never write this where I think many devs are, I'd like OpenBSD to migrate to git. I have to use too many different source control systems. CVS is one of the ones I'd like to forget.
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