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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
As for FreeBSD's "pkg-ng":
It seems sort of OK. I dislike that it uses sqlite, you can't grep sqlite. It does promise a somewhat more reliable database (one common issue is running make deinstall while there is still a +REQUIRED_BY file, this information is then lost... Then again, this file isn't really reliable anyway due to GNU autotools which links against binaries even though it's told not to)... Ah well, at least it doesn't use XML
It's gotten much better since beta10. I managed to corrupt the database with earlier betas, but haven't been able to since beta10.

And, now, there are semi-public repos available for both 32-bit and 64-bit 9.0-RELEASE.

It's now possible to have a fully-binary-only FreeBSD setup using freebsd-update for the core OS, and pkgng for the apps.

Was able to update from a FreeBSD 8.3 install to a 9.0 install without compiling anything last weekend. And from KDE 4.7 to 4.8 without any issues.

Help for FreeBSD: Handbook, FAQ, man pages, mailing lists.
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