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I tend to use a mix of Open Source operating systems although if I had to choose a single system for my daily driver it would be OpenBSD.

Lately, I have been playing with NetBSD although the main result has been been to make me appreciate OpenBSD even more. Still I feel a sense of acomplishment when I get NetBSD to function. FreeBSD seems overly complex when used for a Desktop. If I was dealing with large amounts of data and web traffic, I would use FreeBSD.

Of the Linux offerings, I tend toward the bleeding edge to get a sense of where OpenSource development is heading. Although I am happy with MBR boot loaders and partitioning schemes, I will have to eventually migrate to GPT/UEFI. Linux on a an older system is a safe way to get my feet wet.

I also have been using OpenWRT/LEDE on my routers. Most SOHO routers use MIPS over ARM/ARM64. My latest router uses an Atheros SoC that is MIPS based. I have flights of fantasy where I imagine picking up the inactive OpenBSD MIPS port and eventually flash a OpenBSD based/pf capable SOHO.

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