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Default True or not true ?

Will openbsd crash under heavy loads?

Is it true that freebsd performs much better then openbsd?


Tested on 2003

Since OpenBSD has so many data points with dramatically higher latency, it is the clear loser in this benchmark

The clear winner in the graph is Linux 2.6. OpenBSD does not scale at all, and even panics under high load

Whoa! Obviously, something is seriously broken in the OpenBSD memory management. OpenBSD is so incredibly slow that compared to this performance, NetBSD looks like Warp 9, and Linux is not even on the same chart.

OpenBSD had big performance drops in the process, adding to the previous embarassment with mmap. I can really only warn of using OpenBSD for scalable network servers.

The clear loser is, again, OpenBSD. Don't use OpenBSD for network servers.

OpenBSD data points are all over the place in this graph; again, I would advise against using OpenBSD for scalable network servers

OpenBSD 3.4 was a real stinker in these tests. The installation routine sucks, the disk performance sucks, the kernel was unstable, and in the network scalability department it was even outperformed by it's father, NetBSD. OpenBSD also gets points deducted for the sabotage they did to their IPv6 stack. If you are using OpenBSD, you should move away now.

Does openbsd in later versions do better then this?

Did they fixed it?

Because now I'm thinking again to go back to freebsd (serious).

Thanks (and sorry)
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