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  • I posted above that books (and your ten or twelve year old web pages) are static, and that the OS continues to evolve. For example, in 2003, OpenBSD was still a uniprocessor operating system.
  • You appear (to me) to avoid conducting your research where up-to-date information can be found. You never seem to ask us about information in:
    • The OpenBSD FAQ
    • The OpenBSD man pages
    • The OpenBSD Journal
    • The OpenBSD mailing lists
These four places are where information you might need and use can be found. As an example, in the last several days there has been a discussion on the misc@ mailing list of performance benchmarks of the cryptographic overhead of IPSec on a SuperMicro quad core Xeon platform. That user is able to route 900MB per second through his platform in plaintext benchmarks, and 600MB per second through it with encryption and ESP tunnel overheads. You've asked about performance; that's just one metric from this week, not from more than a decade ago. Performance questions and answers regularly are discussed on misc@.

In your history here, every time you have questioned the usability of this OS in this thread and in others, you cite third party information that has been incomplete, outdated, unsubstantiated, or misleading. Or you yourself may misunderstand. For example:
I read also that the openbsd developers will break things to make the system more secure.
I don't know what you read, or where you read it, since you didn't say. Let me give you some facts: See the New Technologies section of -- in that list are two technologies that stop broken applications from misbehaving: ProPolice and W^X memory protection. The purpose of those technologies was to find badly written software and arrange to get it fixed, whether built-in or third party. Both of these technologies have been completely successful; there are 7,700 third party ports/packages that do not have the programming problems these technologies were designed to catch.

More information on ProPolice and W^X can be found in a number of the papers and presentations available through the Project website. Here's one that covers both of these technologies:

I'm sorry, barti, but I'm not going to try to defend the OS against every Internet posting you find in the wild and bring here. It is entirely up to you whether or not to use this OS. If you decide to do so, you should get your primary information on configuration, tuning, administration, and operation from official channels. And while I'm on the subject -- this forum, too, is third party and not an official channel.

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