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Hey, I got the live-cd. I'm going to take all the suggestions given here and learn to hack it. After waiting a whole year for FreeBSD-9.0 it never cross my mind that it could turn out like the GNOME-3 thing did. vermaden makes it seem so easy so I should have something up and running in a few days even if I have to drop back to 8.2, I'll still use it. I should have been there a long time ago. Kind of funny, you guys did not know what I was talking about and I did not know what you guys was hinting at...

Thanks again

I have one question, is Gparted, FreeBSD gpart(8) and GNU parted the same thing? I checked a google but it never tells me and difference so I take for granted freeBSD has a build in GNU parted, but I also thought FreeBSD did not like GNU license. This is what I tried and it don't make UFS partitions that's why I dump it for cfdisk. It works for ALL formats, not just LINUX like Windows works for Windows only for instance. And I don't think whatever FreeBSD use is going out of its way either.

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