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Originally Posted by irukandji View Post
Thank you for proposal, i will look into it, but i think you are shooting too high... i just want 4 more ports to match those two 6 Gb/s sata ports on mb (afaik, 1Gb/s is 128MB/s, meaning 768MB/s).

I was running dfy and hammer like two years back and got data corruption, after talking to Matt looks like it was a bug but well, it is kind a too much bleeding edge for me (although, i love hammer! The only downside is that you still need to use volume groups while zfs has it integrated)

For my needs that motherboard is ok and since i was running ZFS quite successfully on DN2800MT motherboard untill now, i wont be bother with this one (the cpu was bored at 2% most of the time). This is going to be NAS for home network, and i dont need some blazing performances, so it is fine...
This is very interesting post! Thank you for writing up that thing. I am sorry I can't help you more than that. I run ZFS only at work and I have above HBA or better on all my production servers.
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