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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
On my networks, I don't have rules like these. I use my own DHCP servers and configure only my local nameservers in dhcpd.conf(5). Only the nameservers can forward resolution requests to the Internet, other devices on the network cannot. (This has the side benefit of blocking communication through-the-firewall via port 53 by a compromised workstation or mobile device, in the event that occurs.)
That is what i was going for. All other devices seem to have no issue getting the advertised speed of the provider EXCEPT the xbox. the only reason i included that snippet was those were the only rules that were having an effect on the speed. if i comment out the block rule, everything works fine for the xbox. that is how I narowed it down to dnscrypt/unbound being the culprit.

I am also running a dhcp server on the firewall. I am trying to accomplish what you mention in the quote snippet I included above.

Could you show me your snippet and how you accomplished this? I was thinking that by applying the block rule to every device ! $xbox would work around the problem.
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