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Question *BSD setup like QubesOS? ('appVMs')

Is it currently possible to set up a classic (Net, Free, Open) *BSD sort of like QubesOS, meaning to install OSes in Xen and automatically use them to launch programs in a X window manager or desktop environment? I'm uninterested in QubesOS' security features... only interested in the fact it makes it easier to run programs from several OSes all at the same time as part of the same X session ('appVMs,' meaning not having to go to an inset virtual machine window, but GUI programs from other OSes are in the main one's X session rather than their own) so you can even save fromi them in the same home folder, have them use the same window style, same mouse cursor, copy things in & out of the same clipboard, etc. So, it'd be nice to be able to do this in a *BSD that doesn't even force you to use a password (NetBSD, not OpenBSD, but I like it for having had KDE3 a long time) let alone all the paranoid features of QubesOS...

I made a similar post in the NetBSD forum and no one answered, but now I'm interested in the idea for all classic *BSD...

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