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Originally Posted by Shredder View Post
One more thing...
You're asking far more than more than one question.
...How do I boot directly into GUI mode...
kdm / gdm / or xdm. I prefer xdm, since it is included in xenocara, and requires no configuration. To enable it, merely add the following line to /etc/rc.conf.local:
...should I install KDM for this?...
kdm is included in kdebase. If you want to use it, like gdm, you will need to configure it and add startup scripting in /etc/rc.local.
...And after installing KDE I must add the line "exec startkde" to .xinitrc rite?
Yes, or replace whatever is already there (since you initiated this thread with Gnome questions). Note: If you are planning to use kdm/gdm/xdm, you will need to add your "exec startkde" or "exec gnome-session" to an .xsession file instead (or in addition). This is because .xinitrc is used by startx, and .xsession is used by these display managers.
...After downloading these files how do I install KDE/Gnome on OpenBSD (with CDROM mounted on /mnt/cdrom).
Assuming all files are in the top directory of /mnt/cdrom:
# cd /mnt/cdrom
export PKG_PATH=.
pkg_add *
You need not download files in a separate step, you could use the PKG_CACHE environment variable with pkg_add to save all packages in a directory of your choosing during install, should you need them again. For example, let us presume you have copied the complete list for either Gnome or KDE into a file called "my.list", and you wanted to save all packages downloaded in a directory called "/home/Shredder/packages" you would:
# export PKG_PATH=ftp://<your nearest mirror>/pub/OpenBSD/4.3/i386/
# export PKG_CACHE=/home/Shredder/packages
# pkg_add `cat my.list`

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