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Originally Posted by Randux View Post
This question isn't necessarily Solaris related but since I want to use a Sparc server as a desktop I'm asking in this forum.

I have had mixed success with x forwarding over SSH. Is there any reasonable way aside from getting a graphics card for my server box (which I may end up doing) to use a server as a desktop? I have a few desktop systems I could use, I want to be able to somehow use them as a thin client I guess and have my X session running on a PC with the server serving. Anybody have any ideas?
Yes, but I am afraid that you will not be able to run on Solaris service. Two that I have used are

NoMachine NX

Unfortunately you have to pay for the server which doesn't run on BSDs. I am not sure about Solaris. Clients are open source and I used on OpenBSD.

Another one is proprietary

which is RDP on steroids. You can not run it on BSDs. It is really good for streaming media.

Finally, you can always try VNC. It is open source and you can tunnel through SSH. It is definitely more efficient than tunneling X.
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