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Yes of course. Are you looking for a consultant: ? Anybody who is doing any serious numerical computations on computers is using Fortran one or another way. Many of you are just not aware of it. We are not writing much of new Fortran code these days but the first thing that I install on any computing node is BLAS, LAPACK libraries and of course gfortran. Fortran 77 was major flavour we used until late 90s. We use these days Fortran 95. Gfortran supports bunch of things from Fortran 2003 and some from 2008 but I never bother to learn them. OpenMPI is written in Fortran as well.

Long story short if you freeze me now and wake me up in year 2276 I am 100% sure that one programming language which still be around is Fortran.

I am not suggesting that kids who do little bit numerical analysis on computer should learn Fortran but I am suggesting that you can't be consider serious numerical analysts if you don't know at least to read Fortran code.

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