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Default donating to (or optionally buying) free software projects -- motivation

Well, was going to buy Slackware 14.1 as a tip of the hat to the good work there that's getting me through until I can get OpenBSD working on my better computer, but, already cutting down on support for various non-profits in response to a shrinking bank account, today I decided to budget for a peace group instead. What's your take on supporting free software financially when there are other causes that could be considered more worthy, e.g. fighting poverty, war, environmental damage etc.?

With OpenBSD, I have no problem. It's the operating system I intend to use long term so it's important to buy it every six months for selfish reasons. With other projects that I may or may not use in the future I'm having trouble justifying it. Yet people like Pat V. seem deserving too.

Guess I need to learn how to become rich (or more frugal in other expenses).
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