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Thumbs down xf86-input-keyboard, xf86-video-vmware, unrecoverable error

Hello everybody:

I'm still trying to work NetBSD with. Complicated OS, at least in this stage of development. I wonder "how can I use it as desktop graphical OS, if it can't be installed xf86-input-keyboard, or xf86-video-vmware, and so on?"

Theses are not packages stored in

They are not stored under any release of NetBSD for i386 systems.

All of them must be installed from source...

But, an error arises, always, ... randrproto>1.6.0 needed

This is not an error of NetBSD, but at this time it has not been solved, and seems to be an endless error, among the next releases of NetBSD.

According documents on the net this bug is solved using xorgproto instead of randrproto, but does not solve anything, really, the bug is always present, not fixed anyway.

Does anybody have a binary package for xf86-input-keyboard, ?

A package that should be installed without thes issues?

Thank you all for your help.

P.S.: My NetBSD is 8.0 release, installed in a VMWared environment under Win.7.
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