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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
If you want OpenBSD to develop updates to match your particular NIC, you can wait and hope, contact the developer(s) directly, or do the development work yourself. Assuming you need a developer:

To the best of my recollection, reyk@ is the developer who has done recent work on a variety of newer Atheros chipsets. As I see it, you could
  1. Contact him to see if he is still working on Atheros updates.
  2. If so, you could ask if he already has a NIC with an AR5424 chipset available.
  3. If not, you could offer to send him your NIC (or laptop, if it's built-in), or buy him one.
Your other choices are to acquire a supported NIC or switch to an OS that supports your NIC.
i send mail to reyk@ about that i hope he will fix this prob in future...

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