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Problem #1: Your rl0 link (192.168.4/24) is non-operational. No bits flowing = no data routed. You must fix this physical problem before you can use OpenBSD as a router:
rl0: ...         status: no carrier
Problem #2 may or may not be a problem. But it certainly is confusing:
# pfctl -sn
nat on rl0 inet from to any ->
nat on vr0 inet from to any ->
I do not understand your network configuration: You are using NAT for two distinct RFC 1918 (private, not-on-the-Internet) subnetworks ... NAT should be entirely unnecessary with that type of internal LAN subnet routing. NAT should only be necessary when you need address translation, such as when putting your large internal network onto the Internet through a small number of IP addresses, or even a single IP address.

Next time, please wrap configuration and other information in [code] tags. It will make your messages much more readable. Thank you.
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