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Originally Posted by jkl View Post
I know you shouldn't dig old threads...
Resurrecting old threads is fine if:
  • New pertinent information helps provide further information on the original issues/questions presented in the thread.
  • The responder does not expect the original poster to comment as they may not be subscribed to receive email notifications, or they may no longer read these forums.
...but in general, if a response is a newer perspective, simply start a new thread. It isn't that hard.
...I'm just wondering: I have an "old" ThinkPad T60 with OpenBSD-CURRENT running on it. Having tried NetBSD in a VM, I wonder if I have any "real world" advantages from switching. I don't want to format everything "for the sake of it".
The problem is defining a "real world" advantage. What you might consider to be paramount may not have the same importance to someone else. You know what your usage patterns are (or are likely to be...) better than anyone else. Weigh your curiosity with what will be required to backup whatever is of importance now before installing a different operating system.
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