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Here is what is currently available:

firefox-69.0.1.tgz 11-Oct-2019 14:02 39430kB
firefox-l10n-69.0.1.tgz 12-Oct-2019 16:27 39272kB
firefox52-52.9.0nb19.tgz 22-Oct-2019 03:25 33301kB
firefox52-l10n-52.9.0.tgz 13-Jul-2019 06:40 11088kB
firefox60-60.7.2nb3.tgz 21-Oct-2019 09:58 35264kB
firefox60-l10n-60.7.2.tgz 13-Jul-2019 06:27 41275kB
firefox68-68.1.0.tgz 24-Oct-2019 09:12 38991kB
The issue has been devel/rust which is only building on NetBSD 8.*. Firefox52/Seamonkey are likely to be more stable but are no longer getting upstream security support. Firefox 68 is closest to the latest 68.2.0 release
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