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Hi [USER=2445]bashrules][/USER], thanks for replying

Originally Posted by bashrules View Post
If I'm not mistaken, /etc/mk.conf is also used for building the kernel. Are you sure you want to build your kernel with all these fancy CPUFLAGS?
I certainly wouldn't ; to be honest, I've become more lazy lately due to lack of time (all the more given the limited horsepower of the Odroid, but yes, I might as well cross-compile), so I prefer just to fetching the last official 64bit image for OdroidC2 from no sooner bugs are patched or a new release comes out.


Whatever is only relevant for pkgsrc, I put in such a ifdef block
.ifdef BSD_PKG_MK

Fancy Stuff goes here

Thanks for the tip, simple and life-saving, will come in handy

Glad to see another xv user
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