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Hello Sensucht,

Originally Posted by Sensucht94 View Post

Glad to see another xv user
I love pkgsrc for various reasons. One is the ability to nicely integrate custom patches via

LOCALPATCHES=   /home/bashrules/pkgsrc/patches
Here is an example for xv. Note the directory hierachy - it must model pkgsrc' directory hierachy. Upon saving a jpeg, xv adds itself to the jpeg meta-data which I disable with this patch

$ cat ~/pkgsrc/patches/graphics/xv/patch-CREATOR.patch 
--- xvjpeg.c.orig	2012-02-14 22:52:40.000000000 -0800
+++ xvjpeg.c	2012-02-14 22:53:07.000000000 -0800
@@ -977,7 +977,6 @@
   else comment = xvcmt;
-  jpeg_write_marker(&cinfo, JPEG_COM, (byte *)comment, (u_int)strlen(comment));
   if (picExifInfo) jpeg_write_marker(&cinfo, JPEG_APP1, (byte *)picExifInfo,
And so I have here and there some small patches.

Pkgsrc is not perfect. There is always a package or two that does not build. If the problem is in the actual code, I can keep /usr/pkgsrc/ untouched and put my patch into LOCALPATCHES.

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