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Adding Freedesktop compliant *.desktop entries

OpenBSD has some useful base applications that do not have menu entries. I have provided ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop entries for xterm and xcalc along with an expanded ~/.Xdefaults. The ~/.Xdefaults file sets background color, foreground color, font, scrollbar for xterm. A classic Ti80 calculator look for xcalc is included. You can look at the examples and reference this Arch Linux wiki in order to generate additional *.desktop entries:

Desktop Entries - ArchWiki

The Arch wiki also details how to avoid duplicate desktop entries in case there are duplicates in /usr/local/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications. Just append
to the entry you want to hide.

Another source of *desktop entries is Debian. Debian has a policy of adding *.desktop files that are not provided upstream. Here is a link to Debian xterm.desktop file

Debian xterm sources

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