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Originally Posted by spitfire_ak View Post
I prefer AMD, as the new vPro-enabled chips pose a possible security hole (note: Link to Youtube video by Intel).

Given the NSA's current press to exploit ALL possible security holes, and unlimited funding to do so, one ought to consider what can/should be done about these issues.


I have a Gigabyte Brix with an AMD quad-core chipset running OpenBSD 5.5 just peachy! 256GB SSD hard drive and 2 TB external drive on USB 3.0 works well .
Correct me if I'm wrong, but vPro isn't activated unless you turn it on in the BIOS (which only certain motherboards have) and are using software on the server end to use it. Until I see evidence otherwise, I highly doubt vPro is anything to worry about unless you're actually using it.

Plus, the open-source graphics stack, power management, and single-threaded performance pretty much blows AMD away. It'll be interesting to see where AMD goes with their ARM offering in the future.
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