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Originally Posted by FloridaBSD View Post
As I have been told by many other fellow users on daemonmforums and linux questions You needa 674bit kernel in order to have you machine properly recognize more than about 2.75gb of memory.
You need a 64-bit OS in order to address more than 4 GB of RAM.

A PAE-enabled kernel can access more than 4 GB of RAM, but only in 4 GB chunks (ie, each process only sees 4 GB RAM, but you can run multiple processes each with their own 4 GB).

A 32-bit OS, however, will not be able to address all RAM if you have 4 GB. Depending on the motherboard and CPU, between 256 MB and 1024 MB will be "reserved" for PCI devices. Some AMD motherboard (don't know about Intel) will allow you to re-map the RAM above the 4 GB line (making it look like you have up to 5 GB of RAM, with 4 GB usable) but not all devices play nicely with that.

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